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Serial killers are dangerous criminals that have caused a lot of pain and fear. Because of their killing habits, they easily become the bad guy in television shows and movies. “Silence of the Lambs” and “Criminal Minds” are good examples of entertainment that uses criminals for entertainment. Despite their horrible reputations in real life, people fall in love with serial killers and get enjoyment out of their unnatural lifestyles. Why would people find happiness in someone who has killed people?

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Before becoming criminals, serial killers live typical lives. Even when they kill people, they have jobs, families, and live among the general public. When they are caught, people are often surprised that they were criminals.
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Serial killers live like regular people

People can’t spot a serial killer off the street. Serial killers often live normal lives among people.

The Argument

Serial killers don’t look like criminals. Ted Bundy is a good example of a serial killer who tricked people by having a normal life. He received a psychology degree and had a family of his own.[1] Because he was so popular, people never suspected he was a killer. If serial killers live regular lives like Ted Bundy before they’re caught, they are still seen as a regular person after they’re caught. Because they’re seen as a regular person, they are still seen as a typical person in society.

Counter arguments

Although a serial killer might live like a normal person, there are a lot of internal issues that people don’t see. Dr. Al Carlisle analyzed Ted Bundy’s psychological process and realized that there were three reasons why Bundy was able to function normally and kill at the same time. The main reason was fantasy, the ability to keep his inmost desires away from his public persona.[2]



[P1] Ted Bundy was popular before he was caught, therefore, people still liked him after he was caught. [P2] Serial killers usually look like regular people. [P3] After they are caught, serial killers are still positively seen by the public.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P3] Serial killers aren’t accepted by the victim’s families. Serial killers shouldn’t be praised by the public.




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