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What is the best front end framework for building websites? Show more Show less
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'Front end' development concerns the visual presentation of data and input, for instance, website design. But there are many different frameworks that can assist with and facilitate front end development. Out of all the front end frameworks for building websites, which is the best?

Vue is the best framework Show more Show less

Marketing itself as the "Progressive" JavaScript framework, Vue makes a commitment to approachability, versatility, and performance, providing the best user interface available on the market.
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Single file Vue components are easy to read

Single file Vue components are organized in a predictable way. It is easy to find the template, styles, and custom javascript without searching.
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The world of JavaScript abounds with a dizzying variety of tools, libraries, and frameworks. With each option boasting different features, it can be difficult to determine which will suit one's needs best.

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