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Has Covid-19 turned the clock back on women's equality?
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Social media has allowed a platform for female experiences to be shared and listened to

Over lockdown, we have all be spending more time on online. Social media use, while having it's negative effects, has allowed women to share their experiences in a new intimate way. The Sarah Everard case, for example, allowed women to express their rage at social inequalities and to call men to action. While structural change needs to take place to allow for true equality to be achieved, protests and popularity in the news and discussions shows that gender equality is still a prominent social issue.
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[1] BBC News: 'UK's internet use surges to new highs during lockdown' - internet usage is mostly being used for social media access and connecting with people. [2] The Guardian: 'Police clash with mourners at Sarah Everard vigil in London' - women coming together 'to mourn Everard’s loss and share their fury' and to ' call for changes that will keep others safe.' The vulnerability of women in society is causing outrage and political action, despite the coronavirus pandemic.

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