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Anti-Semitism is prejudice or hatred against Jews. Those feelings are tied to a number of different issues and express themselves in different ways. Unfortunately, these views still exist in places around the world.

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Throughout Europe and the US, Jews have been blamed for fomenting Socialism in an attempt to tear down Western society.
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Socialism is a Jewish conspiracy

Jews foment social revolution to destroy society in order to then take power.
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The Argument

There are multiple iterations of this argument. Karl Marx was the grandson of a Rabbi, Trotsky and Zinoviev were Jews, and even Lenin was part Jewish (long rumored, recently confirmed). Throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries, much was made (by Hitler amongst others) of the Jewish roots of socialism. Later, Cultural Marxism, which had its roots in the Frankfurt School of social theory and critical philosophy, was led by Theodor Adorno and Max Horkheimer who were jews and socialists. A popular conspiracy theory among extreme right-wingers was this was a long term plan to infiltrate academia with leftist thought in an effort to destroy conservative institutions and thus society - to gain control.

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