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Socialism is the political belief the government should redistribute wealth to close the economic gap in society. Many argue that this is a far better way to live, as all citizens can life with the secure knowledge that they will be protected by the state. But is it ethical for this to happen because the state took money away from another citizen?

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Socialism infringes on personal rights and gives the state too much power.
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Socialism takes away personal property.

The government owns all property in a socialist society.
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In the United States, the Democratic Presidential candidates in the 2020 race are running on the platform of socialism. Redistribution of wealth, healthcare for all, and college education for all are a few of the key takeaways from the Democratic agenda. Is socialism ethical?

The Argument

If theft is unethical, then socialism is unethical.

Counter arguments

The socialism does not prevent individuals to own properties. Its claim is to have control by a democratically elected government on economic, health policies in order to ensure a fair distribution of goods and puts the focus on the citizen and its needs



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