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How accurate are claims that the US election is rigged?
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Some individuals vote more than once to distort the outcome of the election

Claims that the US election is rigged are very accurate. Some individuals vote more than once, either by visiting multiple polling stations or voting both in-person and by post.
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The Argument

It is common for voting rights groups and political campaigners to provide transport to take voters to the polls. Their buses tend to target areas where residents are more likely to support a particular candidate or political party. Repeat trips may be made meaning that voters are taken to multiple polling stations in order to vote multiple times.[1] Some people are also able to vote more than once via both absentee ballots and in person.[2]

Counter arguments

There is not a significant number of prosecutions or convictions for voter fraud based on people voting multiple times at different polling stations.[1] Numerous USA-wide and state-wide studies over the years have not revealed evidence of major, widespread electoral fraud in the form of postal ballots.[2]


Rejecting the premises


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