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Ethical aspects of euthanasia (Greek for "good death"), a physician-assisted suicide of a patient with a goal of ending the suffering from a terminal or incurable illness, were debated since the times of Hippocrates. Since then, although modern medicine made a great deal of progress, euthanasia and its validity as a medical practice still leads to controversies. Should a patient in great suffering be able to end his life with the help of a doctor?

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Euthanasia should be legal and available for suffering patients with no hope of recovery.
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Other species of animals are allowed to be euthanised

If other animal species are given the right to be euthanised when in unbearable pain, human beings should also be given that right.
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The Argument

The legality of euthanasia varies throughout all parts of the world. Active euthanasia is illegal in most of the United States, as well in the United Kingdom. There are several types of euthanasia-- active euthanasia is when a person causes the patient's death directly, while passive euthanasia is brought on by a person allowing a patient to die by inaction. Voluntary euthanasia is when a patient requests to die, while involuntary euthanasia occurs when a patient is in an unresponsive or unconscious state. [1] In contrast to euthanasia for humans, euthanasia for animals is legal in the United States, as well as other parts of the world. [2]If animals have the right to euthanasia, human beings should have the right as well. Euthanasia for animals is considered compassionate, and the same should go for humans as well. Euthanasia is allowed for animals because it gives them a peaceful death and ends their suffering. If animals are given the right to a peaceful death, humans with terminal illnesses or permanent suffering should be given the same rights. We often see the rights of humans and animals very differently, with euthanasia being very controversial between the two. Many see their pets as family, and if a loved one is suffering, humans should be allowed to assist in a painless death of a family member if animals and their owners are given the same option.

Counter arguments

Comparing a human's rights and an animal's rights as to whether or not euthanasia should be legal is unethical. Saying an animal is “allowed” to be euthanized is not valid when comparing it to a human being saying they want to be euthanized. Animals cannot actually articulate to humans that this is something that they want, with euthanasia being a result that is chosen for them by their owner or caretaker. Comparing a human's rights to an animal's on the topic of euthanasia is not productive on the argument that euthanasia should be legal under the proper circumstances. Humans should not be treated like animals.


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