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Should electronic identities be managed by the state? Show more Show less

The management of electronic identities (credentials for accessing state services) should not be sub-contracted to external entities. Electronic identities should be private.

Yes, electronic identities should be managed by the state Show more Show less

State should not sub-contract this activity
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Only state can ensure correctness of data

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The Argument

An electronic ID will soon become the equivalent of a paper document (passport, ID cards). Only state has the required access to information to ensure identity and its requirements.

Counter arguments

The state can alwasy keep a siupervising role (e.g. validate the identity) while the practical/logistic aspects to a sub-contractor.



1. Only the state has the required data that allow to validate the correctness of data (with-date, residence,..) 2. Only the state has the authorithy to prevent or limit the usage of electronic-ID for criminals.

Rejecting the premises

1. A sub-contractor can always request a state organization to validate the data. 2. The state can always exercise a veto for legal/public security reasons.


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