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Grammar has long been seen as the foundation of our language, but whether it is necessary for it to be specifically studied is often overlooked. Is learning grammar necessary for learning how to read and write? Is it necessary for learning other languages? How extensively should grammar be taught, if at all?

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While learning grammar can help us in many ways, it is not essential to learning language or communicating effectively.
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Studying grammar gives us insight, but doesn't teach communication

We can learn many things about our language and others by learning grammar, but grammar does not teach us how to communicate with one another. Language enthusiasts may find it fascinating, but it is nonessential to students in general.
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The Argument

Knowing grammar offers one wonderful insight into language and the human mind. It gives us the vocabulary we need to talk about how language works, how sentences are structured and how words are transformed between tenses.[1] The inner workings of language are fascinating to English teachers, linguists, and language enthusiasts; but it is not fascinating to everyone, nor is it essential to learning how to communicate effectively. Since language learning is intuitive, students will learn best by doing, not by memorizing confusing rules and trends that an enthusiast just happened to notice.

Counter arguments

Grammar is not just about giving insight to language enthusiasts. By understanding the inner workings of language, a student can talk about literature and writing with much more precision and clarity. It gives students the vocabulary to interpret the author's intentions, literary devices, writing style, and more in a work of literature. A student's writing can also improve by use of proper grammar mechanics and writing conventions which have been modeled in the literature that they have studied.[1] While it is true that people acquire language naturally, to truly understand and use it effectively requires a working knowledge of grammar.



[P1] Understanding grammar can give one insights into English, but it is not essential to learning the language.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Grammar study is essential to learning how to properly harness the English language to communicate clearly and effectively.




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