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Anime (Japanese animation) is a cultural phenomenon that has swept the globe since the 90’s. More and more non-Japanese speakers are becoming interested in the world of Japanese animation. Instead of learning Japanese from scratch, viewers deliberate between the controversial choices of watching dubbed (with English voiceovers replacing Japanese audio) or subbed (retaining the Japanese audio and adding subtitles) versions of anime.

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Watching subtitled anime is the subtlest way to experience anime without changing too much.
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Subbed anime is released earlier

Audiences around the world can enjoy new episodes within a few days of its release in Japan.
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The Argument

If simultaneously produced, the first dubbed episode would typically come out three to five weeks after the broadcast date. In some cases, though, the dubbed version is produced after the whole anime has been broadcasted, maybe a year after, for the home release. By watching subbed versions, people will not miss the “hype” that the anime gets while it is being aired. The excitement of anticipating the next episode as soon as it comes out and discussing the anime with friends is lost if you wait for the dubbed version to come out.

Counter arguments

The pace at which everyone watches anime is different, and this can accommodate dub and sub preferences as well. Discussions of a show does not have to be limited to its release date because not everyone watches it the minute it comes out.


[P1] Catching up to new episodes is necessary for enjoying anime. [P2] Viewers enjoy being able to discuss the anime as soon as it comes out.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1 and P2] The preferences of each viewer is unique and cannot be assumed for every individual.


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