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What are the solutions to the Syrian crisis?
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The Syrian people must decide the fate of their country

The importance of Bashar’s resignation has lost itself in the midst of all the chaos taking place, which is why democratic systems need to be in place to have peace.


The context the Syrian crisis is a context of a Political Dynasty that is the Assad regime.[1] The Assadi regime has been able to use his power to trample down against any form of dissent in his power regime. The regime has eliminated over 13 million Syrians.[2] It's not only a political, social, and economic crisis but also a Humanitarian crisis within a Totalitarian and Authoritarian regime.[3]

The Argument

War has raged in Syria since the early 2010s. Initially, civil unrest grew between citizens and President Bashar al-Assad.[4] Outside influence, both for and against Assad, has resulted in the death of over 200,000 Syrians. Half of the population has been displaced.[5] Syrian activists who want an end to the violence believe that peace will not come until the Syrians have a democracy.[6]

Counter arguments

Outside influence from Russia, the United States, Turkey, and other countries makes it impossible for the Syrian people to decide their own fate.[10] The number of resources within Syria and its tactical geographical position creates too high of an incentive for foreign countries to meddle. They will not allow Syria to determine their own future.[11]



The fundamental principles of democracy ;accountability, public participation and justice is cardinal for the Syrian sovereign.This maintains their political autonomy without any external actors intervening and manipulating them to advance their interest. This establishes the government for the people ,by the people to the people for a social contract.Democracy is fundamental for a prosperous future for the Syrians.[15] [16] [17]


What is cardinal is to recover the ownership of the state to the sovereign rather than authoritarian and totalitarian regimes.This aids autonomous decentralised form of decision making .This also capacitates a bright social-contract without hegemonization of power by a single autocratic regime. [7] [8] [9]

Rejecting the premises

The interest being advanced in Syria, isn't an interest necessarily by the sovereign to advance the public interest of the Syrian Civilians but a private interest so as to profit from the resources in terms of Natural resources to enrich the external actors.This form of advancement maintains authoritarianism in the exchange of resource-value and territorial retention.The private actors also maintain a parasitic form of relationship where they establish a Humanitarian Aid agencies at the expense of maintaining their own private interest . [12] [13] [14]


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