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Schools are using more technology to educate students every day. Should textbooks also be digitized or should schools continue using physical textbooks?

Tablets should be considered an optional alternative Show more Show less

To accommodate the needs and circumstances of every student, tablets should be considered optional and continue to be promoted as an ideal medium of instruction.
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Tablets should not be made mandatory for classroom learning

It is too early for schools to switch to electronic learning completely.
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The Argument

Replacing traditional textbooks with e-textbooks should be a gradual process. We cannot hope to have every school and every student switch to e-textbooks immediately as there are many things that have to be considered: teachers and parents’ opinions, textbook suppliers, and the school curriculum, to name a few. By making tablets an optional choice, we can learn more about the pros and cons of using electronic textbooks for classroom learning and optimise it for a more improved system that can be fully implemented in schools worldwide.

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