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Teenagers receive a constant stream of sexual imagery and information. Whose responsibility is it to equip children and teens with the knowledge to form attitudes about sex, relationships and intimacy? Is it the parents'? Or should educators provide teens with sex education classes in schools?

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Teaching sex education in schools robs parents of the decision of when, and how much, to tell their child about sex.
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Sex education unnecessarily teaches an innate behavior

Humans have managed perfectly well for millennia without formal sexual instruction. Why teach something that is innate?
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Why are we teaching biological instinct? If you are heterosexual, you have a biological instinct to find a potential mate and reproduce. If you are homosexual or lesbian, your urges also instruct you to find a sexual partner. We don’t need to teach these instincts. They are simply there.

The Argument

No other species requires formal sexual instruction between adults and their offspring. Procreation is a natural, biological instinct. Humanity managed perfectly well before the introduction of sex education. Our ancestors lived healthy, fulfilled lives without formal sexual instruction.[1]

Counter arguments

Sex education does not just mean teaching the biology of sex, which is instinctual. It deals with issues of consent, social norms, disease prevention and healthy living. It is true that humans have survived for millennia without formal sexual instruction. But sexually transmitted diseases were rife, sexual assault has been common and as a race, we have been historically intolerant of the LGBTQ+ community. Sex education can help with all of these things. Just because humans have survived for millennia, doesn't mean that we can't aspire to be better. Sex education is part of that aspiration to create a better society for everyone.



[P1] Reproduction is instinctual. [P2] Instincts are innate and do not require teaching. [P3] Therefore, sex education does not need teaching.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Sex education isn't just about reproduction.


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