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Who is the greatest Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper of all time? Show more Show less
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Goalkeepers are often relegated to the sidelines of history, and yet many long argued that theirs is the most important role in any football team. With Tottenham's current goalkeeper currently captaining the team, and his predecessors recognised for their superlative playing - who is the greatest Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper of all time?

Ted Ditchburn is the greatest Tottenham goalkeeper of all time Show more Show less

Ted Ditchburn, who was Tottenham's goalkeeper from 1946-47 to 1958-59, is a legendary figure in the team's history. Part of Manager Arthur Rowe's "push-and-run" squad, he played alongside other greats including Bill Nicholson.
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Ted Ditchburn was in goal for over 450 Tottenham games

The extraordinary number of games Ted Ditchburn is believed to have played in is all the more amazing given his footballing career was curtailed by the Second World War.
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