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Various social movements in the last centuries have shifted society in many ways, whereas fairy tales have stayed within the same narratives. Should fairytales be retold to reflect modern values?

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Fairytales are of a time and should be enjoyed in their form. That they remain with us suggests their continued relevance.
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Traditional fairy tales spark a child's imagination

Traditional fairy tales capture the imagination of children and inspire them to use their own creativity.
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The Argument

Traditional fairy tales are known for their iconic characters such as princesses, princes, witches, knights, dragons, and mermaids. These stories also expose children to otherworldly elements like spells, magic, and enchanted forests. Through these elements, children can begin to foster and build upon their own imagination. [1]In this way, fairy tales can inspire children to use their own imagination and come up with their own fictional stories. Exposing children to simple, creative stories will stir up their imagination and desire for more stories. This will help them properly develop their own ideas based off of other stories, which is important to child development.[2] Traditional fairy tales have contributed to encouraging creativity in children, so they should not be rewritten for modern times.

Counter arguments

Fairy tales can still be magical even if they are rewritten for a modern audience. Making them more modern does not necessarily mean excluding magical elements of the stories. Traditional fairy tales have similar characters over and over which limits a child's imagination. By creating more diverse characters, this can open up more creative possibilities for children to imagine. While magical elements are important parts of sparking creativity in children, it should not be the only focus. Modern fairy tales should evoke more imaginative possibilities beyond the fictional components of the fairy tales. In recreating traditional fairy tales, children will have more inspiration to write their own stories, not less.


[P1] Traditional fairy tales are characterized by magical characters and captivating plots. [P2] This inspires children to come up with stories using their own imagination. [P3] Therefore, fairy tales do not need to be rewritten for modern times.

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