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Has Donald Trump been a good president?
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Trump has alienated America's allies

Trump's actions have made his administration's priorities perfectly clear: America first. As a result of the US adopting a 'go at it alone' attitude to international relations, alliances built on mutual trust and co-operation are being eroded and replaced with increasing isolationism and alienation.
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The Argument

Under Trump's presidency the United States of America has increasingly become hostile to some of its key allies, including threatening to put tariffs on the European Union and attacking Germany and other NATO allies for not contributing a higher percentage of their Gross Domestic Product to defence spending. Trump has courted and openly stated his admiration for dictators and strongmen, like North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This has left many key allies, such as Germany, feeling alienated with their respective populations concluding that the USA under Trump is dangerous and a threat to world peace [1].

Counter arguments

The United States of America under Donald Trump's leadership has been more assertive on the world stage with a distinctive 'America First' policy. This has led to Trump being more willing than other US Presidents to threaten and enact tariffs on America's trade competitors, including China and the European Union. Trump has also been willing to call out the unequal amount of money the USA contributes to multinational institutions compared to its allies, including America's disproportionate funding contribution to the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. Under his presidency, he has put pressure on allies to pay their fair share and live up to their treaty obligations.


[P1] Trump's approach to foreign policy has meant that major US allies have been alienated.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Trump's policy is not alienating; it is simply putting 'America First'.


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