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Will Donald Trump concede the 2020 Presidential election to Joe Biden? Show more Show less
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After Joe Biden's decisive win in the 2020 Presidential Election, Donald Trump and many of his supporters continued to claim victory in the election, as well as accuse the Democratic Party of using voter fraud to illegitimately steal the election.

No, he will not concede the election and he will remain in power Show more Show less

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Trump claims to have won the election by a far margin

Trump has not conceded the election, and claims to have won.
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Trump has maintained his winning stance since November 3rd. He has not formally conceded, and insists that he won the election. He is claiming that there was widespread voter fraud and is pursuing various lawsuits in battleground states.

The Argument

President Trump will not concede the election in the coming months, and will continue pursuing the lawsuits in Georgia, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. He has been alluding to a non-peaceful transfer of power since before the election. We cannot underestimate him, nor can we underestimate his legal team.

Counter arguments

Majority of the lawsuits have been turned down and there is a consensus that they are based on rubbish.


Consequentialism Framing - Elections have consequences, and Trump is trying to preserve USA integrity. There is evidenced of voter fraud and mismatching, and this has implications on the democracy.


Trump has dictatorial tendencies, and has overlooked constitutional law in the past.

Rejecting the premises

Trump is basing his assertions of data and fraud -- this isn't dictatorial, but factual.


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