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Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for the US economy?
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Donald Trump has been responsible for a historic US economic slump

Under Donald Trump, the US economy has suffered a recession of historic proportions.

The Argument

Trump has mismanaged the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in far greater jobs and businesses being lost than could have otherwise been the case. The pandemic triggered 22 million job losses, bringing the unemployment rate to rise to 15% in April.[1] Research also suggests that during the first phase of the pandemic, over 100,000 small businesses closed down.[2] Such a significant loss of employment led to a rise in the number of people receiving food stamps and visiting food banks. Trump’s unwillingness to take seriously the potential public health consequences of the pandemic lead to a surge in cases and deaths. Without significant further financial stimulus, the economy will not recover and millions will remain unemployed, having wider impacts on consumer goods industries.

Counter arguments

Whilst an economic shock following the coronavirus outbreak was inevitable, Trump has overseen an impressive recovery in such a short period. Almost half of the jobs lost at the start of the pandemic have been recovered, and Trump wants to keep the economy as open as possible to prevent a second downturn. Prior to the pandemic, the US economy was making progress, and no administration could have predicted the outbreak of coronavirus. Trump is not responsible for the pandemic or the economic shock that followed - he has brought about a swift recovery that will continue. For more on this, refer to the argument 'Donald Trump has revitalised the American economy'.



Rejecting the premises


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