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Has Trump kept his promises?
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Trump has reduced government regulation

Trump vowed to reduce the red tape and make it easier and more efficient to do business.
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The Argument

In 2017, Trump signed an executive order detailing that for each new federal regulation put in place, two have to be rescinded. Trump's administration has eliminated 22 regulations for each new regulatory action they have put in place. This, he says, will allow smaller business to flourish, unencumbered by red tape and oppressive amounts of regulation[1]. Trump has also signed an executive order reducing the amount of time it takes to approve infrastructure projects from 10 years down to 2. He has also reduced regulations on a number of ailing industries, such as coal[2].

Counter arguments

Many regulations are are needed. Trump has rolled back protections for workers and the environment in his bid to reduce regulations. This could worsen people's working conditions and even endanger people's lives.


Rejecting the premises


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