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Gender inequality underpins many problems which disproportionately affect women and girls. The include domestic and sexual violence, gender-related pay gaps, lack of access to education, and inadequate healthcare. How the Presidential candidates approach this could swing the female vote. So, should women vote for Trump or Biden?

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Trump has provided hundreds of women the opportunity to serve in his administration. He is a strong leader, and will make decisions in the best interest of women and their families.
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Trump is a strong leader who makes decisions in the best interest of women and their families

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The Argument

Trump understands the need for lower energy costs on the American family. His pro-energy and pro-worker policy created an increase in energy sector employment in May and June[1], a sector which plays an important role in the US economy. Trump has been a transparent President who has communicated with the American people and listened to their everyday concerns.

Counter arguments

Trump made it clear when running for president that he would nominate a Supreme Court justice who would help overturn Roe v Wade, a ruling protecting a pregnant woman’s right to have an abortion with few governmental restrictions.[2] His 2019 nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh gave the Republican Party a five-to-four majority on the bench, allowing the potential for the ruling to be overturned. Trump has also consistently been against organisations like Planned Parenthood as he is not pro-choice. Even though Planned Parenthood’s funding goes largely towards services outside of providing abortions, the administration has blocked money for the organisation. Federal funds under the Trump administration will no longer go towards family planning providers that offer abortion services.


Rejecting the premises


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