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Should the American working class vote for Trump or Biden?
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Trump will increase spending on infrastructure

Trump plans to increase infrastructure spending. This will create jobs, boost the economy and provide long term improvements in the quality of life of all Americans.
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The Argument

Trump is a strong advocate for infrastructure spending in the US. Over his tenure, he has provided $50 billion to states to improve infrastructure, particularly to rural areas and has consistently pushed for infrastructure deals and incentives to increase private spending[1]. Earlier this year, he also proposed a plan which would see $1 billion spent in over 20 states to improve transportation across the country[2]. Furthermore, in his fiscal budget for 2021, he is proposing a $1 trillion infrastructure investment plan for the next decade. These investments will increase opportunities for employment for rural areas and the spending will boost the economy and promote a speedy recovery from the ongoing pandemic.

Counter arguments

But at what cost? Trump is increasing infrastructure spending all the while rolling back environmental regulations[3]. Democrats and many environmental groups have denounced these plans on the grounds that these regulations are necessary to combat environmental concerns such as climate change and more needs to be done, not less, to protect future generations from the consequences of industrialization.


[P1] Trump plans to increase infrastructure spending. [P2] Better infrastructure will improve all Americans's living standards and job prospects. [P3] The American working class should vote for Trump.

Rejecting the premises

[P1] Trump has touted increasing infrastructure spending during his tenure in office, but little has been done to back up his claims. Many of his proposed budgets have not passed and little compromise has been found in the House and the Senate.


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