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What are the pros and cons of living in the US?
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The United States is ranked 15th for best quality of life

With a ranking not even in the top 10, quality of life is a major shortcoming of living in the US. Primary issues of concern include high living expenses, political stability, and public safety concerns.
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The US News Organization is renowned for its annual rankings of countries with the best quality of life. Social scientists develop these rankings based on a number of factors including job opportunities, political stability, public safety, and environmental quality. [1]

The Argument

The United States is ranked 15th for countries with the best quality of life. Clearly, the United States is not the most conducive living environment if 14 other countries are ranked higher. The biggest issues noted for the US quality of life are high living expenses, political instability, and public safety concerns.[1] With a score of a mere 5/100 for affordability, the United States is an incredibly expensive country to live in. The United States has higher average prices for food, groceries, rent, and entertainment factors in comparison to similarly developed countries.[2] The Global Economy Corporation ranked US political stability with a score of 0.3 out of 2.5, a fairly weak score. Sub-par US political transparency, political rights, and civil liberties contribute to a worse overall quality of life.[3] Public safety has become such a big issue, that America has entered a gun violence epidemic. In 2018 alone, there were almost 40,000 gun violence deaths, with an average of one gun-related death every 13 minutes. While Americans keep dying from gun violence, the Senate continues to argue about stricter gun policies. [4]

Counter arguments

Although the United States has a low ranking for quality of life, the country has high statistics for other important categories. For example, the United States has the highest possible score of 100/100 for the job market and opportunities sector. Certainly, a stellar job market is a legitimate reason for living in the US.[1] In addition, the US scored 87/100 for having a well developed public health system. The US is home to many groundbreaking medical research discoveries and practices, which have benefitted the quality of life. [1]



Rejecting the premises


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