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Milk is a staple of the mammal diet, humans included. However recent studies and debate suggest that drinking milk past childhood is not healthy, and an array of plant-based alternatives have risen in popularity. Is milk healthy?

It doesn't matter, we shouldn't drink milk regardless. Show more Show less

Whether it's healthy or not, there are other reasons we shouldn't drink milk.
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It is unnatural for humans to drink milk.

Other mammals do not drink milk past childhood, and it's unnatural that we do.
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The Argument

No species of animal drinks milk after infancy naturally. Milk is produced by mammals to feed their young, and once young mammals grow up, they stop drinking milk, and the mothers stop producing it. By drinking milk after infancy, and drinking milk from another species, humans are upsetting the natural order. Only a genetic mutation that much of the world’s population does not possess allows us to drink cow’s milk. It is meant for infant cows, which have largely different digestive systems and nutritional needs than humans, and it is unnatural for us to drink it.

Counter arguments

-Many humans have evolved to drink cow’s milk, and evolution is a natural process. -It doesn’t matter if it is natural or not, drinking milk can still be beneficial to humans.


Something that does not occur in nature is unnatural and wrong.


P[1] Animals do not drink milk past infancy in the wild. P[2] Animals do not drink other species’ milk in the wild. P[3] Because other animals do not do it, it is unnatural for humans to drink dairy milk.

Rejecting the premises


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