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What is the best way to stay fit during COVID-19? Show more Show less
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Being mandated to stay inside for extended periods mean that opportunities to keep fit during the COVID-19 epidemic are limited. As we suffer from greatly reduced access to activity and move to a largely sedentary lifestyle, how can we make sure we stay fit?

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As gyms close, your house can become your gym - with the added bonus of no sweat-drenched equipment or athlete's foot from the showers.
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Use household items as equipment

Expensive, fancy equipment is pointless when you have water bottles and chairs.

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Covid-19 spreads easily when people do not take the proper precautions. Even as many countries start to open back up after the initial peak of the virus, plenty of people are afraid to go out and try to resume some sense of normalcy. Gym-goers all over the U.S. are hesitant to touch gym equipment with which tens or hundreds of other people may have interacted with that day. Most people are used to using additional equipment while they work out so bodyweight exercises do not provide a sufficient workout. However, there are plenty of weighted items and elevated surfaces throughout a house or apartment that people can use to get a good work out in. Finding creative ways to hold laundry detergent, books, or water bottles are a great way to add weight to arms curls, shoulder shrugs, or lunges. Countertops can act as platforms for push-ups and plank exercises. Even small towels can reduce friction under your feet on a smooth floor for an intense abdominal exercise. Using common household items is the closest thing anyone can get to a gym work out without actually going to a gym, while also being more accessible and affordable than a gym.[1]

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