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Social networks are recently been blamed for several noxious behaviours: fake-news, social division, stalking, trolling, and on and on. Should state authorities impose control on these services?

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Involving the state could limit or prevent anonymous users practising illegal activities on the net.
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User authentication = user takes responsibility

If identity of user is known to authority the individual will be liable for her/his actions

The Argument

User authentication would occur at state-level (via for instance an eletronic ID mechanism). User would still be allowed to use a nickname on the social network to guarantee his/her privacy; however in case of misconduct, illegal behaviour or report of an abuse the authority can easily trace back his/her identity

Counter arguments

An identity mechanism has some legal hurdles to his/her implementation. Social network are multi-national entities, for a state it might impossible to impose a restriction o a company which outside its jurisdiction The mechanism might impose an unnecessary over-head. Alternative methods such as ISP tracking allows a law enforcement agency to trace back the originating computer or user. The mechanism might expose the victim of an abuse. Leaks or hacking may cause victin's identity known to the attacker.



Rejecting the premises



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