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The ever-rising costs of a university degree, coupled with increasing numbers of unemployed graduates, has left the latest generation of students pondering over whether a college education is worth it. Do the benefits of a college degree outweigh the costs?

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The value of a university education depends on several factors including the financial assistance available, the field of study and the higher educational institution.
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The value of college education depends on the institution

Not all college degrees from every university are worth the cost.
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Degrees from different higher education institutions are not all equal in value. Some institutions provide degrees that are worth the cost. Others do not.

The Argument

The value of a university degree depends on the institution awarding the degree. A degree from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard or MIT is worth the high cost of obtaining them because the best-paid jobs are often given to graduates from these universities. On the other hand, a degree from an unimpressive higher education institution will lead to fewer employment opportunities and may not be worth the large costs. Considering roughly 16% of graduates have a debt to income rate of over 20% from their student loans alone,[1] the costs of college are potentially crippling should they not pay off in terms of one's career.

Counter arguments


[P1] Different universities unlock different employment and earning prospects. [P2] Not all universities unlock enough opportunities to warrant the cost. [P3] Therefore, the value of a university degree depends on the institution.

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