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Governments are the backbone of a country. They are responsible for their citizens’ benefits and a healthy economy. Not all governments in the world are the same. There are democracies, republics, authoritarian societies, and many more types of governmental systems. With so many different types of government, which one has the most benefits?

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Republics are like democracies in that civilians can vote. However, republics have the added element of representatives that vote in the government system on behalf of the public.
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Voting is an important part in a country’s government. Without it, the public won’t be able to decide what laws and politicians they want in the country.

The Argument

Voting in a republic is beneficial for the public. Through a representative, people can vote to elect a government official to get the ideas and laws they support passed.[1] If the right government leaders are in place, the economy will grow and the public will have prosperous lives.

Counter arguments

Using a representative is not the best way to vote. Representatives are people elected to represent certain political groups in a country.[2] There could be aggression between the groups that cause a stalemate during the final voting process. On top of separation between groups in the public population, there’s a separation between people and the main government. This creates limits on personal interaction and makes the people think the government doesn’t care for them.



[P1] Voting in a republic government is good for the country. [P2] Voting for qualified representatives benefits the people in the country, causing the country to grow.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] If the representatives aren’t as qualified as they seem, the country will not grow, and the public will not benefit from their position.


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