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Western societies have become more economically unequal, with a small minority holding the majority of the wealth while public services continue to decline. The back drop of austerity has made this inequality even starker, leading many to question whether the richest should be paying more to help fund public services?

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It is unfair to punish the wealthy for their success.
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Wealthy people already pay their fair share

The tax burden on the wealthy is already proportionally higher than any other income group, and their taxation helps pay into a substantial portion of public service costs. It would be unfair to increase their share further.
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The Argument

In most societies the majority of tax is already paid by the wealthiest both directly through higher rates of income tax and indirectly through taxes on spending such as Value Added Tax (VAT). In the UK, the wealthiest one per cent account for third of all income tax.[1] Any attempts to increase the tax burden on the wealthiest in society would be viewed as both divisive and unfair.

Counter arguments

In modern civilised societies, there is a shared belief that humans are entitled to a certain standard of living and access to vital public services irrespective of their income or background. This fundamental principle is at the heart of most liberal democratic societies and relates to the belief that the needs of the individual should be super ceded by the needs of the community. This philosophy advocates that those with the greatest means should pay the highest amount of cost and this should be reflected in a modern tax system.


[P1] The wealthy already pay a significant amount of tax that supports public services. [P2] There is no reason to increase this.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] We should increase tax rates in order to ensure all people have an acceptable standard of living.




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