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Is the wellness industry racist?
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The wellness industry is not accessible to all people because it thrives on oppression

Yes, the wellness industry is racist because it is not accessible to all and thrives on oppression. Cultural traditions may be appropriated, and opportunities in the health and wellbeing sector are often exclusively priced without provisions of monetary support for marginalised groups.
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Wellbeing, and therefore the wellness as a whole, is not available to all people. This is in part because the wellness industry thrives on white supremacy, heterosexism, and racism. Systems of oppression within the industry including racism, classism, sexism, ableism, cissexism, and heterosexism perpetuate its lack of inclusivity. Such problems are made worse when spiritual teachers who "don't see race" are promoted, and cultural spiritual traditions are appropriated without adequate acknowledgement and study.[1] Wellness opportunities are often exclusively priced and inaccessible to the lower classes (often also the ethnic minority groups) without provisions of monetary support for marginalised groups.

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