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Can plastic products be replaced with eco friendly options?
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There's many substitute materials that mimic plastic and its versatility

Plastics been around since 1907 but discoveries and innovations didn't stop there. New materials are being created and with more focus on the health of the planet there's a higher importance placed on materials that can do what plastic does but still be eco friendly.

The Argument

Environment preservation and worry for the health and safety of the planet really only started around the 19th century when climate change was discovered and became a real threat. Plastic, existing since 1907 makes everything a bit harder though. Before people realized the earth needed protection plastic had inserted itself into peoples lives as a material of convenience.[1] Plastic has its uses in every job and every life. It's hard for any material to come close to its versatility. In the past it had no competitor that could match it, but the same can't be said today. New discoveries and inventions are being made every day.[2] It's hard to compete with plastic because of how it's been marketed. It's not just useful it makes things easy. Tupperware, disposable take out containers, bottles for drinks, for baby formula. Then there's plastic for automobiles, disposable medical cups and tests, plastic is used for almost anything a person can think of. It's hard to compete with that, but that doesn't mean there aren't competitors. Bioplastic, plastic made from organic material, and nanocellulose are just a few of the substances that have been discovered that can be used in place of plastic.[3] While individually they don't have all plastics multipurpose uses the benefits far outweigh that.

Counter arguments

Plastic has remained a king of convenience ever since its invention. Easy to use, easy to replace, study and flexible. Despite this it's not always the most environmentally safe product around. However, this isn't the fault of plastic but the people in charge of disposing it.[4] [5] Littering is a problem that's existed since forever. Humans are forgetful, they forget things, leave stuff behind by accident, and these things become trash. Plastic more often than not is something that's easily forgettable. It's recyclable status can quickly and easily be turned to trash. However, plastic doesn't need to be replaced but the peoples mindsets about it need to change. If people take more care with what happens to their plastic and trash along with properly disposing and recycling it, then the trash and pollution the planet is facing will instantly go down. It's mindfulness that people don't always have but a little care can go a long way for taking care of the planet.



[P1] Plastics are, for many, a convenience [P2] The market is slowly starting to promote eco friendly replacements for plastic

Rejecting the premises

[RP1] People need to change their mindset about plastic before real change can be made


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