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Is white fragility real?
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White fragility is a racist concept

The theory attacks all white people on the basis of their skin colour. This reductive victimisation of whites is racism in action.


The context of this argument sets a basis to justify a reverse form of discrimination.To inherently establish resentment and anger against the black which is not progressive but regressive .For example , when Malcolm X said that inherently white people are evil then it allows for reverse discrimination [1]

The Argument

White fragility is a racist concept.It establishes that by the fact that you are white and you posses any form of privilege then you're inherently evil. This then creates a stratosphere of constant racial hate , anger and resentment among the Black African Americans and those who identify as part of the issues suffered by the Black African Americans. [2]

Counter arguments

Historically the evolution of problems , from Slavery , to Jim -Crow Laws to a Racial Criminal justice system establishes that it is not a racist concept but a concept to re-awaken the society .So as to create awareness that there's real suffering among the black people. [4]



White fragility in itself doesn't seek to establish a racial violent war, but a traction to effect change.When change is not being effected , then the society should be aware, internalising and interrogating racial issues. [5]


Premise 1-Traction seeks to effectively seek an interrogation. Premise 2-The interrogation awakens the society, to read, speak and protest.It tries to awaken the society to dignified racial issues [3]

Rejecting the premises

Premise 1-Traction though has been misconstrued because of violence.When property is burnt, people are burnt and radical interrogative measures are effected . Premise 2- Then it hinders the purpose being achieved by the Black Lives Matter Movement.


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