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In July 2020, "White Fragility" topped the New York Times Bestseller list. Though two years had passed since its publication, protests following George Floyd's murder thrust its controversial theory of race back into the mainstream. Written by University of Washington Professor Robin DiAngelo, the book claims that white people sustain racism by refusing to engage with it. The idea assumes that white people consider themselves the "default" race, and actively avoid and undermine challenges to this worldview. As the thesis has gained traction, it has also come under criticism for being reductive and choosing to see entire populations based on race. So, who are the groups forming around this debate, what do they believe and why?

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This group sees white fragility as a flawed thesis that undermines meaningful conversations about race.
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White fragility is a racist concept

The theory attacks all white people on the basis of their skin colour. This reductive victimisation of whites is racism in action.


The context of this argument sets a basis to justify a reverse form of discrimination.To inherently establish resentment and anger against the black which is not progressive but regressive .For example , when Malcolm X said that inherently white people are evil then it allows for reverse discrimination [1]

The Argument

White fragility is a racist concept.It establishes that by the fact that you are white and you posses any form of privilege then you're inherently evil. This then creates a stratosphere of constant racial hate , anger and resentment among the Black African Americans and those who identify as part of the issues suffered by the Black African Americans. [2]

Counter arguments

Historically the evolution of problems , from Slavery , to Jim -Crow Laws to a Racial Criminal justice system establishes that it is not a racist concept but a concept to re-awaken the society .So as to create awareness that there's real suffering among the black people. [4]



White fragility in itself doesn't seek to establish a racial violent war, but a traction to effect change.When change is not being effected , then the society should be aware, internalising and interrogating racial issues. [5]


Premise 1-Traction seeks to effectively seek an interrogation. Premise 2-The interrogation awakens the society, to read, speak and protest.It tries to awaken the society to dignified racial issues [3]

Rejecting the premises

Premise 1-Traction though has been misconstrued because of violence.When property is burnt, people are burnt and radical interrogative measures are effected . Premise 2- Then it hinders the purpose being achieved by the Black Lives Matter Movement.


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