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In a landmark 2018 court ruling, Jews became a protected "race" under American law. This judgement was divisive. The case, in which a Catholic convert had been denied a job beause of his Jewish bloodline, should have been a victory for victims of anti-Semitism. Instead, many Jews saw its result as short-sighted. They argue that formalising racial distinctions legitimises racism. And that this approach is in the same genre of identity politics as the Holocaust. Others claim that categorising Jews as a minority ethnic group helps protect them against discrimination. Are Jews white?

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When "white" is used to categorise people within our society, it includes social, political, and historical dimensions that Jews are disconnected from.
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White nationalism is anti-Semitic

Groups that define themselves by their whiteness see Jews as a distinct and inferior race. Much evidence suggests that anti-Semitism originates in white supremacy.

The Argument

The Jewish people are not aligned with white identity because of the negative opinions of white nationalists. A defining feature of white nationalism is distrust and hatred for the jewish people, along with many other marginalized people of color. Because a large part of nationalistic white identity is hatred for the jewish people, Jewish people can’t be white, as they cannot align themselves with a group that will not accept them. Recently, a protest in Charlottesville cemented the Jewish identity as non-white. White nationalist protesters held banners with hateful statements such as “Jews are Satan’s children” and chanted “Jews will not replace us”. [1]This sentiment has always been at the heart of white identity and clearly displays where the Jewish people stand in regard to race. White nationalists have created the concept of “white” as a culture instead of a race. This white culture takes religion as well as ethnicity into account. White nationalists discriminate against anyone who practices Judaism, therefore anyone who practices judaism cannot be white. [2].

Counter arguments

Many believe that because there are Jews who align themselves with white nationalism, Jews can therefore be white. Stephen Miller, White House advisor, is one such member. As a strict, anti-immigration focused, man of european descent, Miller is able to identify as both jewish and white. [3]



Rejecting the premises




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