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White privilege, the notion that white people are afforded societal benefits that members of other races are not, has seeped into our lexicon to explain racial disparity in wealth, race and health. But are racial privileges responsible? Does white privilege exist? Can it adequately explain individual experiences? Or are other factors at play in creating racial inequality?

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White people can be just as disadvantaged as black people. There is no deliberate policy that seeks to afford white people additional privileges and by many measurements, white people are struggling as much, if not more, than their counterparts in other minorities.
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White privilege is just another name for racism

White privilege doesn't exist. Racism exists. What we identify as white privilege is racism.
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The Argument

The things often associated with ‘white privilege’, like access to healthcare, access to higher education, and the right to a fair trial with fair outcomes are not privileges, they are rights. Therefore, if those rights are being meted out to white people but not black people that is racism, not ‘white privilege’.

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[P1] What we call 'White privilege' is just another term for racism. [P2] White privilege is a redundant and pointless term.

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