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White privilege, the notion that white people are afforded societal benefits that members of other races are not, has seeped into our lexicon to explain racial disparity in wealth, race and health. But are racial privileges responsible? Does white privilege exist? Can it adequately explain individual experiences? Or are other factors at play in creating racial inequality?

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Inequalities in our justice system, financial system, and health system expose the privileges white communities are afforded.
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White privilege is present in our education systems

Our education system is designed to promote white culture, thereby benefitting white students.
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People feel respected and included in society when their culture is celebrated and included. Many Western education systems follow a Euro-centric approach. This approach unduly benefits white populations by making white history and white culture the sole culture studied in our education systems. Therefore, our education systems suffer from white privilege.

The Argument

Our sense of belonging in society and feelings of inclusivity stem from societal attitudes towards our culture. Those that belong to demographics whose culture is celebrated in society feel a much greater sense of belonging and warmth. Those who belong to a demographic whose culture is left out or mocked, feel less welcome in that society. Western education systems are highly Eurocentric. They teach a European version of history and culture which excludes many cultures associated with non-whites. This gives white students a greater sense of belonging and affinity for the education system that people of color are not afforded - a clear example of white privilege.

Counter arguments


[P1] Feeling a greater sense of inclusion and warmth in a society is a privilege. [P2] People feel included and respected when their culture is celebrated and included. [P3] Many education systems only include and celebrate white culture. [P4] Therefore, white students feel a greater sense of inclusion and belonging. [P5] Therefore, white privilege is present in our education system.

Rejecting the premises


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