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White privilege, the notion that white people are afforded societal benefits that members of other races are not, has seeped into our lexicon to explain racial disparity in wealth, race and health. But are racial privileges responsible? Does white privilege exist? Can it adequately explain individual experiences? Or are other factors at play in creating racial inequality?

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Inequalities in our justice system, financial system, and health system expose the privileges white communities are afforded.
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White privilege is present in the justice system

Non-whites are treated worse than white people in the justice system.
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People of color have worse outcomes within the justice system than white people. This is indicative of white privilege in the justice system.

The Argument

Blacks are incarcerated at around six times the rate of white people despite committing crimes at a similar rate to white people. This indicates a systemic form of white privilege is present in the justice system.[1]

Counter arguments

You cannot deduce privilege from incarceration rates. Roughly 93% of the prison population are men. Does that mean that ‘female privilege’ exists too? [2]



[P1] Whites and non-whites commit crimes at the same rate. [P2] Non-whites are incarcerated at higher rates than whites. [P3] Therefore, white privilege is present in the justice system.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Incarceration rates are not indicative of bias or privilege in the justice system.


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