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Heterosexual infidelity is increasingly common. Statistics vary, but most estimate that 20% of married men have secret extramarital sexual relationships at one point or another. Why? This illicit betrayal can ruin lives and tear families apart. So, what drives men to cheat on women?

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This approach believes the fault lies with the woman who lured the man into temptation.
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The "other woman" is liberating herself

Women choose to fall into the "other woman" role as an expression of their sexual liberation and freedom to submit to their desires above all else.
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The focus of this question must be on the affair partner, rather than the male. When a woman chooses to engage in a relationship with an attached man, she is the agent defining the situation. The man is simply complicit in her decision.

The Argument

True liberation from oppressive social and cultural structures means putting yourself, and your needs, before other concerns. Women who enter into sexual relationships with partnered men are acting purely in their own self interest. After millennia of being limited by oppressive patriarchal structures, this behaviour represents strength and female liberation from these long-standing norms. This is an enlightened way of being. Whether the man chooses to respond is his decision. But a woman's expression of sexual interest in this context should be read as empowering.

Counter arguments

While this may offer an alternative reading into the female motivations for infidelity, they shed no light on why men cheat. While the woman may actively tempt the man, she cannot be held responsible for his actions.


Rejecting the premises


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