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Why do women live longer than men?
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Women attend to health problems early on

Women are more likely to go to doctors, engage in regular testing, and have stronger social networks to rely on.

The Argument

This truth resounds across all cultures and all societies -- women generally take better care of their health than men. Women are more likely to go to the doctor, especially early on when perhaps an illness is suspected, and they are more likely to follow their treatment as directed.[1] Statistics show that men are less likely to get regular checkups or to see any doctor regularly, and often skip on additional testing services like cholesterol. This could be down to socialization; women are taught to be more obedient than men, and while this may be problematic in other parts of life, it does seem to benefit them in the long run in terms of health and longevity. Men are also generally raised to minimize their symptoms in order to avoid potentially negative results. Women also tend to have stronger social networks, and having a strong social community has an enormous impact on overall health. [2]

Counter arguments

This argument does not take into account the fact that obesity has been, and continues to be, higher and more prevalent among women. While women might see doctors more regularly, it does not affect their ability to prevent certain health issues like obesity more than men.[3]



Rejecting the premises


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