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Can someone be transracial?
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The world is multicultural so transracial is a legitimate identity

The world is a diverse place, and separating race is an outdated practice.
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The Argument

Various cultures and races are being mixed more often throughout the world. Many countries, such as the United States, have many different mixed cultures and races within the country. Since the world is becoming more blended and diverse, segmenting people based on their race is outdated.[1] People are exposed to various parts of different cultures throughout their lives, so their actions and traditions cannot be credited to just one country or race. No one is accused of cultural appropriation when using aspects of other cultures such as language and food, so no one should be criticized for identifying as transracial.

Counter arguments

Even though the world is becoming more diverse, it is not an excuse to erase the violent histories different racial groups have experienced. Using various cultural traditions is not the same as completely identifying as that race. One simply borrows customs from that group, while identifying as transracial inappropriately places that person with a race they do not belong to, nor share the history of. It is acceptable to use appropriately use aspects from other cultures, but not to completely switch your identifying race.


[P1] The world is a diverse place. [P2] Defining people by their race is becoming outdated. [P3] People are exposed to various cultures throughout their lives. [P4] Therefore, being transracial is a legitimate identity.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Each racial group has experienced a unique history, so identifying as transracial is insulting to that culture. [Rejecting P3] Using aspects of other races is not the same as being transracial.


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