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Should teachers carry guns?
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Teachers lack the tactical knowledge needed to handle weapons

Extensive training is needed to handle dangerous weapons such as guns. Placing a gun in an untrained teacher's hands is a liability and dangerous to the students.

The Argument

Teachers have an array of degrees from academic institutions. They are experts in their respective fields. However, teachers are not considered experts in public safety, like police officers or security guards.[1] Law enforcement officials receive, on average, 840 hours of basic training with 168 hours being specifically for weapons, self-defense, and the use of force.[2] Even with this training, law enforcement officers are not immune to crumbling under pressure. An evaluation of the NYC Police Department’s firearm training found that an officer's shot accuracy significantly decreased when engaged on the ground. This begs the question; how might a teacher’s already limited knowledge of ballistics fair? Not only is lack of tactical knowledge an issue, but this policy opens teachers to criminal liability should they be in a shootout, and state immunity laws will not exempt schools from all legal liability.[3]

Counter arguments

In order to obtain a weapon, each state has certain regulations to be fulfilled. On top of these regulations, legislators and policymakers are mulling over the idea of adding training for educators.



Rejecting the premises


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