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What is the best way to stay fit during COVID-19? Show more Show less
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Being mandated to stay inside for extended periods mean that opportunities to keep fit during the COVID-19 epidemic are limited. As we suffer from greatly reduced access to activity and move to a largely sedentary lifestyle, how can we make sure we stay fit?

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As gyms close, your house can become your gym - with the added bonus of no sweat-drenched equipment or athlete's foot from the showers.
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A low-impact exercise option that has the added benefit of being good for your mental, as well as physical, health.

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In the midst of the chaos that is the Covid-19 pandemic, yoga acts as a retreat for many people. The strength, flexibility, focus, and balance needed to do yoga flows will sometimes force the body and mind into a meditative state. Other times, it allows someone a healthy distraction from their day-to-day. Although, simple meditation requires someone to have a solid mental center. That is extremely difficult for many people during this time. It requires a lot more mental control than most people have at this time. Yoga is both a physically and mentally engaging activity that provides a physical center to meditation or an opportunity for a mental release, depending on the practice.[1]

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