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Where is the best place to read?
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The best reading is done outside

Taking a step outside and reading on your front porch or in a hammock in your backyard is a relaxing way to get lost in a good book.
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The Argument

Reading outside, in the comfort of your own backyard or front porch swing is the best place to read. You're guaranteed an endless soundtrack of natural white noise to help you fall into the story on the pages in front of you. Plus, there are countless options for outdoor reading in private, from campsites to trails to the middle of a lake on a sunny day. The world is a big place, and no matter where you are, you're not far from privacy outdoors. There is nothing better than the quiet hum of nature and a good book to accompany it.[1]

Counter arguments

Reading outdoors great in theory, but in reality it is an unpleasant experience all around, making it difficult to become invested in even the best books. There are constant interruptions, from insects to gusts of wind that make you lose your place. No matter where you are reading outside, you're sure to be interrupted.



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