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What should we do about climate change?

We are in a climate crisis. People and natural systems around the world are feeling the impacts of a warming globe, from more intense heat waves, more intense storms, heavier rainfall, melting sea ice and retreating glaciers, etc, etc. No part of our world is left untouched, and the current rate of warming suggests things will only get worse. So what can we do to mitigate global warming? What would be most effective? Can we stop and repair the damage to the climate that has been done?

We must take immediate and radical action to address climate change.

The consequences of not acting on the climate emergency are too great. We have the technology today needed to tackle this issue and need to move towards a carbon neutral and green energy world.

We need a Green New Deal.

Individual action is not enough. The type of transition in our global and national economies and infrastructure will require a mobilization of resources on the scale of WWII. We need governments to make huge investments in this future. Explore

We shouldn't do anything to address climate change.

There are other issues to address that are more important, and we shouldn't spend resources on the issue of climate change.

We should take gradual action to address climate change to avoid disruption.

We should act on climate change, but we should be very careful to not disrupt the economy and people's lively hoods and way of life.

Governments should incentivize going green.

Governments should begin offering financial incentives when people take up pro-environmental behaviors. This creates minimal disruption, as people have the choice about whether to carpool, recycle, or install solar panels. As everyone (businesses included) begins switching to greener alternatives, climate change will grind to a halt as our carbon emissions drop. Explore

There is nothing that we can do to address climate change.

The earth systems are just too big to affect, and any efforts we undertake would be futile.

God controls the climate, and his will be done.

God is in control of the universe and everything in it. If the climate is changing, it must be God's will for it to change. If he wants to reverse climate change, he will do so; if he does not, this problem is in His hands. It is arrogant for humans to think that we can change His plan. Explore

The Earth has been around for millions of years - we can't change it

In the grand scheme of the earth's existence, humans have been around for a very short period of time. It is arrogant to think that our existence was so impactful, it changed the nature of the earth's climate forever. The earth has survived countless threats and will continue to do so for a long time, regardless of the human race’s effects on it. Explore

We need to artificially reshape the climate system to survive.

Current technologies can't be implemented fast enough. We need to explore radical artificial reshaping of the climate system through geo-engineering.
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