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Are Disney movies racist?

Animated Disney movies have told stories from characters around the world, but very often with an American or western frame of reference. Are these fair retellings, or could Disney films be considered racist?

Yes, Disney movies are racist

Disney movies are racist because they fail to represent other cultures from the cultures' own perspective. They white-wash characters, take creative liberties with cultural stories and themes, and appropriate culture to serve their own ends.

The film "hunchback of Notre Dame" has fetishized depiction of Romani people

There was one Black disney princess and they made her a frog for most of the movie (princess and the frog)

No, Disney movies are not racist

Disney movies are not racist because they do try very hard to represent other cultures fairly. They do research to ensure that they are portraying other cultures accurately, and have in recent years made efforts to correct racist portrayals from their past movies.
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