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Are social networking sites good for society?

Social networking sites have greatly impacted society. We can not only connect and interact with others across the globe in a few clicks, characters or likes, but we also have the potential to learn from these sites. While there may be advantages, there are also disadvantages but the pivotal question is whether the former outweighs the latter.

Yes, social networking sites are good for society

Social media allows the general public to stay well-informed on global topics

Social media sites can boost the labour market

No, social networking sites aren’t good for society

Social networking sites contribute negatively to society as they, among other things, risk spreading misinformation, adversely affect personal life and health, and put personal data at risk.

Social media is a medium through which people spread disinformation

The spread of disinformation on social networks, primarily in the form of fake news, is a key problem that can have real-life consequences if believed by social media users.

Criminals use social networking sites to recruit victims


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