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What is the best platform for streaming music?

In recent years, music streaming platforms have become the most common way of listening to music. Gone are the days of records, tapes, CDs, or even shady downloaded mp3s from Limewire. Now, music streaming platforms are worth billions of dollars. But which one deserves your monthly subscription fee?

Soundcloud is the best streaming service

Discovering new artists

A lot of popular artists made their debuts on SoundCloud. SoundCloud still has this grassroots reputation. Dig around a little bit and you can find brilliant artists who haven't been discovered yet. Explore


SoundCloud recommendations are on point and get changed up weekly. You even have these recommendations delivered directly into your inbox. Explore

Upload your own tracks

SoundCloud attracts a community that wants to find the coolest underground non-mainstream tracks. You can find your first audience here and with the commenting feature on tracks you can get great feedback. Explore

Soundcloud's unique platform design

SoundCloud's platform is beautifully designed and very intuitive. Explore

Apple Music is the best streaming service

Integration with Macbooks for Apple users

Apple Music's integration with iTunes means that you can upload all your own music (including CDs and other purchases) to enjoy your own music along with Apple's catalog. Apple Music also integrates with the entire iOS ecosystem. Explore

High profile and exclusive releases

Many artists exclusively sign deals with Apple Music. This is part of the business model as there is no free tier to Apple Music. Explore

YouTube Music is the best streaming service

YouTube Music Videos

On YouTube, you can watch the music videos too not just stream the song. Explore

Amount of music

With over a billion videos on YouTube it follows that YouTube contains content that does not exist anywhere else. Explore

Amazon Prime Music is the best platform for streaming music


Special editor-curated playlists

Amazon has employed music experts to curate brilliant playlists for their audience. This is a great perk of Amazon Prime music. Explore

Free for Amazon Prime subscribers

If you're one of the over 100 million subscribers to Amazon Prime, you can enjoy this service for free. No need to pay $10 a month for any other service. Explore

Spotify is the best streaming service

User friendly

Spotify's platform is very intuitive and user-friendly. Explore

Listen offline

Download tracks or entire playlists which are available on your device with or without Internet. Explore

Network effects

Find your friends on Spotify and share playlists with each other! Explore
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