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Can the Holocaust be forgiven?

As a result of the Holocaust, over 6 million innocent Jews perished under Nazi rule. Beyond that, millions more of innocent civilians were also murdered under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. When examining the atrocities and lasting trauma that the Holocaust inflicted on people, this begs the question of who, if anyone, should be forgiven of their involvement in the Holocaust?

They should not be forgiven.

A person cannot be forgiven when they have not faced justice for their actions

Following the Holocaust, perpetrators involved in torturing the Jews and others fled the justice system. A Naxi that refuses to face the consequences of their actions, should not be forgiven. Explore

A person cannot be forgiven unless they repent

Nazis do not deserve forgiveness when they cannot possibly repay for the trauma and death that they inflicted upon innocent people. They should not be granted any form of unmerited forgiveness. Explore

It is not our place to forgive

It is not up to society to forgive the Nazis for the Holocaust. The responsibility of whether or not to forgive should only be answered by the victims themselves. Explore

Everyone has a conscience

Everyone has a conscience that guides a persons moral choices. The Nazis blatantly killed the Jews by choice, so they cannot be forgiven. Explore

They should be forgiven

In a world of extremely oppressive regime, Nazi soldiers, the Jewish council, and Hitler Youth were forced to comply out of fear or indoctrination. If they did not comply, their families and their own lives would be at risk.

They were simply following orders

When faced with the option of kill or be killed, Nazi soldiers had no choice but to follow the orders given to them. Explore

Refusing to forgive gives more power to the oppressor

It is far more empowering to forgive someone by your own choice rather than waiting for the perpetrator to ask for forgiveness. By doing so, this puts the victim's healing in their own hands. Explore

They were brainwashed

Soldiers and impressionable children were undoubtedly a target of the Nazi regime. They were mentally conditioned into believing that what they were doing was for the good of Germany. Explore
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