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How will coronavirus change the world?

As coronavirus spreads, the possibility that it will have a severe and lasting impact on our world increases. But how will covid-19 impact the different facets of our existence and society? After the coronavirus pandemic is over, will we go back to life as normal? Or will things never be the same?

Political effects of coronavirus

As coronavirus spreads, political institutions and actors will inevitably react.

Coronavirus will increase isolationism and nationalism

The spread of coronavirus is demonstrating the failings of globalisation and will lead to a resurgence of isolationism and nationalism. Explore

Coronavirus will start a revolution in China

China's authoritarian regime is facing intense public pressure over their handling of the coronavirus crisis. Explore

Coronavirus will prove the benefits of globalisation

The way in which coronavirus has been quickly combatted is a testament to globalisation’s benefits. Explore

Trump will win the election because of coronavirus

Coronavirus will deliver a political boost to Trump, winning him the 2020 Presidential election. Explore

Trump will lose the 2020 election because of coronavirus

The response to coronavirus has demonstrated the incompetence of the Trump administration. Explore

Coronavirus will normalize state involvement in all economies

As free markets take an enormous hit from the global pandemic, government involvement is bound to become crucial. As large parts of the private sector become largely nationalized in countries like the UK, free-market regimens will seem outdated and state involvement will become the new norm. Explore

Coronavirus will damage public perception of individualism

Countries and cultures that put the collective interest over personal freedom will respond better to Coronavirus. This will send an international message conveying that personal freedoms at times need to be sacrificed for the greater good. Explore

Environmental effects of coronavirus

In a time of climate crisis, such a widespread event could have a pivotal impact on the environment.

Coronavirus will make climate change worse

Public attention and critical resources are being diverted from the climate crisis to handle the coronavirus outbreak. Explore

Coronavirus will help to mitigate climate change

Greenhouse gas emissions have declined dramatically as the outbreak has reduced travel and industrial activities. Explore

Social effects of coronavirus

On a macro level, coronavirus may have significant social effects.

Coronavirus will cause a spike in racism

Coronavirus is causing an increase in distrust of the perceived ‘Other’. Explore

Coronavirus will cause an influx of fake news

Our information system is not fit for purpose, and a global emergency demonstrates this. Explore

Coronavirus means the end of the social kiss or handshake

As the number of cases rapidly increases, there still seems to be no effective cure in sight. People are increasingly dependent on social distancing measures and it is causing a psychological shift in people's perception of personal space. This will tilt cultures away from past social greetings. Explore

It will improve the public's perceptions of doctors and nurses

Those at the global frontline of response to coronavirus will rise radically in public esteem. The sacrifices they make and the good-will they exhibit will resonate more with the public. Sentiments, such as doctors being driven by money, will finally be put to rest. Explore

Coronavirus will transform hygiene culture, enforcing it in our daily lives

Masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, and handwashing have all become part of people's daily terminology. Society and governments are taking extreme steps to avoid any more COVID-19 cases. These practices will become embedded in society and completely transform the hygiene culture. Explore

Coronavirus will break our social bonds and turn us into hermits

Fear of contagion will mean we retreat from other humans, and seek refuge evermore online. COVID-19 introduced the idea that all human interactions can be done via online technology and this could mean the end of in-person interactions as we once knew. Explore

Economic effects of coronavirus

We are already feeling the severe effects of coronavirus on the economy.

Coronavirus will destroy the global economy

Coronavirus is on the verge of causing total economic collapse. Explore

Coronavirus will crash the gig economy

Much of society now relies on the gig economy, which is severely impacted by the pandemic. Explore

Effects of coronavirus on everyday life

Outside of the 'big picture', coronavirus is likely to have significant impact on our everyday lives.

Coronavirus marks the beginning of the biblical apocalypse

The Bible prophesies an outbreak of infectious disease will sweep across the world before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Explore

Coronavirus will reduce smoking

The global threat of pneumonia will lead many people to stop smoking. Explore

Coronavirus will make working from home the norm

Fear of infection is compelling organizations to close offices and operate virtually. Explore

The Coronavirus will never leave us; it is here to stay

The virus is likely to become endemic, infecting, and killing more people year after year. It is likely to be a disease similar to flu or respiratory illnesses. It is almost impossible to stop its transmission and there is a growing necessity for an effective treatment or vaccine. Explore
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