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Does homeopathy work?

Homeopathy is a commonly practiced, psuedoscientific form of medicine used since the late 18th Century. Many medical professionals, spiritual guides, and an assortment of other people on both sides of the debate have weighed in on the issue of whether homeopathy is actually effective in positively influencing the health of those who adhere to it. It is important examine all of those opinion in their many deep complexities.

Yes, homeopathy works

Homeopathy has positively transformed the lives of millions of people around the world, and its benefits are well recorded within the people who adhere to it in all of its many facets.

Homeopathy has actually been shown to work in clinical trials

Despite what the conventional scientific media have told the public, there are plenty of clinical studies and scientific papers showing the efficacy of diluting medicine in water and increasing the health of patients. Explore

Homeopathy uses "nano-doses" that are more specific to each patient

Conventional medicine today simply uses drugs to temporarily suppress symptoms of illness, while homeopathy provides much smaller doses of extremely specified remedies to heal its patients. Explore

No. homeopathy does not work

The mountain of evidence against the efficacy and scientific credibility behind homeopathy outweighs any potential "benefits" or proven results that homeopaths claim to harbor. Pseudo-science is pseudo-science for a reason.

Homeopathy is not proven to cause health benefits as opposed to conventional medicine

In a multitude of studies done throughout the entirety of the 21st Century, homeopathy, time and time again, has been proven to yield no conclusively beneficial results. Without scientific evidence, homeopathy's efficacy is seriously in question. Explore

Homeopathic dilution is so extreme that the United States has banned its false advertising

In the US, it is now a law that homeopathic companies cannot mislead their consumers by claiming that a specific medicine or element is contained within the solution when it is not. Explore
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