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Is Donald Trump mentally ill?

To some, Donald Trump is a rambling buffoon. To others, he is a voice of truth in a political quagmire of lies and deceit. But are his erratic mind, eccentric way of speaking and short attention span indicators of an underlying mental illness affecting the US president?

Yes, Donald Trump is mentally ill

The president displays clear signs of mental illness. Something psychologists and his peers have often commented on.

Donald Trump's speech shows signs of mental illness

When the president appears in public or tweets, he often displays signs of mental illness and cognitive impairment. Explore

Mental health experts are worried about Donald Trump

More than 27 high-profile psychiatrists and mental health experts have voiced concerns over Trump's mental health. Explore

Those close to Trump claim he is mentally unstable

From anonymous op-eds to White House aides and Republican senators, many of those that have spent time with the president have suggested he is not stable. Explore

No, Donald Trump is not mentally ill

President Trump has a different vernacular to other politicians, but that doesn't make him mentally ill.

Donald Trump isn't mentally ill, he is a reality TV star

The traits that make someone a reality TV star, like arrogance and impulsivity, when put in the White House, look like mental illness. Explore

If Trump was mentally ill, he couldn't get to where he is

A mentally ill person could not have built a business empire, become a reality TV star and won a hotly contested election. Explore

Trump's medical exam didn't indicate mental illness

Donald Trump released his annual medical report which shows no sign of illness. Explore

It is impossible to say if Trump is mentally ill

We cannot diagnose Trump with a mental illness based solely on his public appearances.

The disorders attributed to Trump are not clear-cut

Mental illnesses exist on a spectrum. Even if Trump displays some traits of a mental health disorder, it is not definitive proof he has it. Explore

No diagnosis can be conclusive based on public persona

Someone's public persona is not always indicative of their internal mental health. Explore
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