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Are dream interpretations accurate?

Understanding dream meanings has fascinated mankind for millennia. In ancient Greece, physicians believed dreams conveyed indications of diseases present in the body. Sigmund Freud thought dreams revealed repressed desires. Since then, pop psychologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts have all begun offering interpretations of clients' dreams. But are dream interpretations accurate?

Dreams are informative and predictive

Dreams can provide introspective insight and can predict aspects of the future.

Dreams are a message from God

Some dreams come directly from God, offering introspective insight and revelations about the future. Explore

Universal dream symbols have meaning

The presence of universal symbols in all of our dreams indicates objective meaning. Explore

Dreams are informative but not predictive

Dreams provide information on the subconscious mind that can be illuminating.

Dreams are thoughts the ego represses

Dreams are manifestations of desires and thoughts that our conscious mind has repressed. Explore

Dreams are memories

Dreams are memories, therefore they can be useful in interpreting our response to past events. Explore

Dreams allow you to access the collective unconscious

Dreams allow us access to our collective unconscious- a collection of ancestral memories that are common to all of us. Explore

Dreams from an evolutionary perspective

Dreams contain information on how humans evolved to become apex predators and cement their position at the top of the food chain. Explore

Dream interpretations are complete hokum

Dream interpretations are nothing but idiosyncrasy and guesswork.

A personal dream vocabulary

Even if they hold value, dreams cannot be interpreted because each of us has a personal dream vocabulary that cannot be translated through any objective interpretive framework. Explore

Where is the science?

Despite numerous attempts to find a scientifically supported system of dream interpretation, no interpretative method has ever been supported by empirical science. Explore
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